Ben lived on the streets from the age of 14 and survived a failed suicide attempt at age 15. Later, he spent 365 days in drug rehab where he found his life long passion for psychology and unlocking people's inner game.

Ben started in real estate by building an investor company that held 61 properties in 4 different cities. He found most agents were transaction focused, not long term relationship focused. Ben saw a huge opportunity to create a new model for agents. 

Before building a national real estate coaching company, Ben became an agent to prove his coaching systems and show a different way to succeed as an agent long term. He won rookie of the year 2013 and made over a million dollars in paid-out commissions in his first 2 calendar years. He then went on to build an award-winning real estate team before selling it nine years later, all while coaching agents along the way. 

Ben used to be a people pleaser, manipulative, constantly comparing himself to others and self-sabotaging along the way. Today he has overcome and built an amazing life for his wife and 5 kids while helping agents who are lost in the grind of real estate and want to win without sacrifice.

*If there's a topic you want Ben to talk about you can ask for a custom talk to serve your greatest needs. 

Keynotes Talks 

(30-75 minutes)

A New Way To Do Old School Real Estate

Most agents react to market swings vs preparing for them. In a changing market, we need to adjust our strategy, but we also need to shift our thinking. This talk brings takes an old-school real estate strategy and mixes it with new-school thinking, Before building an award-winning real estate team Ben was a full-time investor holding 61 properties in 4 cities with 20 investors. He was forced to navigate and pivot during the 2008 great recession. Ben shares his lessons, strategies, and the thinking needed to win in any market.

The 7-Figure Business Owner Mindset

Ben guides your agents through a whole new way to think about building a real estate business. He will challenge your agent's mindset and help them unlock new possibilities by showing them how to shift from being just a "hustler" to building a sustainable, scalable, and profitable business with limitless growth without sacrifice. 

Stop Chasing & Keep Your Clients For Life 

Ben brings his client experience strategies that will blow your clients minds. He will shift their focus from a transaction business to a business that is designed to keep your clients for life. Discover how to break free from the mindset of acquisition-only sales and an abundant mindset based in creating Life time connections with each client.

Your Relationship With Fear

Ben will change the way they see fear forever and help your agents instantly get unstuck and motivated to do what they already know how to do. Receive very practical ways to harness the relationship with fear to create massive momentum from the inside out, unlocking dormant potential waiting to be activated.


(2-4 hours)

The Next Right Thing (4 Part Real Estate Business Self Assessment)

This interactive workshop is designed to help you take a close-up look at your agents systems, client experience, client acquisition, and personal mindset. Uncover blind spots, identify areas for growth, and gain crystal clear focus on what their next right thing is to move your business forward.

Setting Your Compass

This powerful workshop will take your agents on a journey to uncover the things that truly drive your passion for selling real estate. We'll dig deep into the happiest days of their life and explore the areas they might be neglecting that fuel their business and soul. They will leave this session with a new found clarity of what truly motivates you. Using a combination of self-reflection, group discussion and actionable strategies, this session will help you connect your business to meaningful goals that truly align with your values. 

Communication, Connection & Leadership

Take your agent's ability to communicate and connect with other human beings to a new level. Level up their ability to sell, lead others, and build lasting relationships. This workshop is based on the psychological studies of Carl Jung who developed the Myers-Briggs personality assessment used all over the world to grow leaders, sales experts and to explore your own inner game. Ben will help them accurately self-assess your communication style, open their eyes to possibilities in their relationships, and business. 

© 2021 Ben Oosterveld.

All Rights Reserved.

© 2021 Ben Oosterveld. All Rights Reserved.