If you want a speaker that's boring, not funny, can't keep your audience's attention... THEN BEN’S NOT YOUR GUY. 

Ben helps Real Estate Agents get very clear on who they really are & what they really want. Then he helps them make the right changes in their business/life to scale with more money, freedom and meaning. 

Ben didn’t have an easy start. He lived on the streets from the age of 14, survived a failed suicide attempt at age 15, and later spent 365 days in rehab. Ben has spend 20 years working on his inner game; he was a pure bread people pleaser, manipulative & controlling man who always compared himself to others to the point of constant self-sabotage.

After getting his real estate license, by the 3rd year he had built a multimillion-dollar real estate business with an award winning top national team. 6 years later he sold his real estate business to focus on his national coaching business, speaking and running personal growth retreats. 

Previously, he built a real estate investment company that held 61 properties with investors in 4 different cities. 

Ben loves sales marketing and building world class businesses but his real obsession is helping people break free of the old patterns that hold them back in life. The inner game is everything to him and he is on a mission to find his tribe one extraordinary person at a time.

Keynote topics

*All Keynotes can be a 1/2 day workshop

  • ​The 7 Figure Real Estate Mindset :  Ben break down the frame work to build a 7 figure real estate business and the mindset needed to make it happen within 3 years.  
  • ​Setting our Compass : Are you chasing goals that don't serve the life you actually want? This talk is about creating massive motivation by aligning your personal goals with your business goals 
  • Business Energy Audit: How good are you at 60% energy? How to identify and fix the energy leaks in your business, relationships and self image. 
  • ​How to Keep Your Clients For life : This talk shifts the mindset from transaction focused to emotional connection focus and them gives them a step by steps after sale system.   
  • Business Owner Mindset vs Employee Mindset : The audience will shift their thinking from "how" to "who". This talk will challenge the limiting belief that working harder and doing everything yourself will get you to the next level.
  • The Relationship with Fear : This talk will open the eyes of your audience, blow the doors off their personal hesitations, and insecurities that hold them back from a profitable business and a fulfilled life.  

© 2021 Ben Oosterveld.
All Rights Reserved.

© 2021 Ben Oosterveld. All Rights Reserved.