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Ben is a true master at hacking growth in business and in the human behind the business. If you want a canned speaker to simply pump up your crowd, Ben is not your guy. If you want your audience to be deeply inspired, leave your event with real mental shifts and very usable tools, Ben is your guy.

Ben has had to overcome a lot in his life from failed suicide attempts as a teenager, living on the streets from the age of 13, to spending 365 days in rehab. This has shaped how he speaks to an audience and why he ties everything back to human behaviour, self awareness and authenticity. Being a business strategist and human development coach he believes that highest levels of success are not only built around the best strategy but also hidden within the leaders running the strategy.


Ben has a very unique set of business and life skills and prefers to design his keynote around for each audience differently because canned talks get very old and become obvious to most audiences.

Ben’s Talks

  • How to deliver value that gets you paid every time
  • Confidence and self worth… psychological currency
  • How to create an unforgettable brand
  • How to grow a human being
  • Understanding human behaviour and the power it holds
  • Authentic communication and making lasting connections
  • How to do relationships the right way
  • Raising kids as an entrepreneur
  • The power of self awareness and authenticity
  • How to lift your energy
  • Business hacks and shortcuts to success

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